Mark Kendall Shoes has come up with some concepts for improving the feel of Wellington and its streets.
Being a retailer of shoes, we are not only involved in the business community, but are also aware of what our customers, who are necessarily pedestrian, so we look at the streets of the city and think “how can this be a better place?”, “how can this be an exciting, inviting, and inspiring place to be in, to move through, and experience?”. We could ask some more questions. But already we can think of things to try.

And why not try with what seems to be working anyway? You may have noticed the effect on yourself when somebody brightens up your day just a little bit. You may have noticed how you fall in to step with a beat of a tune, or hum, or even sing to yourself as you hear a song from way back. These are some of the experiences that can now be had when walking around Wellington City.

We are aware that some businesses may not be so tolerant of street performers, and that some street performers are maybe not so conducive to business or the public, but our general experience nearby to us has been such that we are happy to support this enlivening activity in ways that enhance its positives.

We have a few thoughts about what we might do to assist buskers, street performers, and artists, and would like to explore opportunities to support and develop this aspect of city life. If you are any of these and feel that you are of a good standard and enjoy having these positive effects on people, then please get in touch with us, so we can discuss some courses of action.

We know that Christmas is coming up, and some buskers may be thinking of leaving Wellington for a while. We wish you a happy vacation. Try to get in contact with us to let us know your plans for the new year, so we can get things ready. If there are buskers that will be in Wellington for the next few weeks and the Christmas New Year period, then please let us know and we can work now towards getting something going for then, since we would like to enjoy that time as a vacation as much as possible.

If you are thinking of busking or performing in the streets of Wellington, then you should have a read of the following web pages at the Wellington City Council;