Distance Customers “Appro” purchases

For our customers that are far from our shop, or are unable to get to our shop, we provide an “Appro” system for you, to peruse, choose and buy shoes.
Please note our Phone number is (04) 384 2647. Our toll free number is 0800 627 553.
You can be anywhere in New Zealand, such as large cities like Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, or Tauranga, Whangarei, Rotorua, New Plymouth, Taupo, Whanganui or Wanganui, Palmerston North, Napier, Hastings, Gisborne, Blenheim, Nelson, Greymouth, Westport, Oamaru, Dunedin, Invercargill, Timaru, Ashburton, Queenstown, or in the more distant regions on farms, or tourist destinations, or a small village. If you are happy to wait for deliveries, then we are happy to deliver our services to you.

The “Appro” purchase system works like this;

1) You search our website to find shoes or a small selection of shoes, that you are interested in, or give us a ring to discuss your needs.

2) Give us a ring on (04) 384 2647 (or try toll free 0800 627 553 ) to arrange delivery of the shoes that you are keen to try before you buy.
At this point, we will ask for your eftpos details, but will not carry out a transaction at this point.
We can handle most Cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International, and Union Pay.

3) We send the shoes to you.

4) You try on the shoes to check they fit, and match your expectations.

5) You decide whether you approve the shoes and want to buy them, or not.
A) If you approve the shoes, then we charge you for the shoes plus the freight, and the process is completed.
B) If you do not approve of the shoes then you promptly send the shoes back (presently,at your own arrangement and cost).
If the returned shoes are in undamaged condition, then we charge you for the freight of sending (typically about $10).
If the returned shoes are damaged, then we charge you for the shoes and freight of sending.
If you want to keep the damaged returned shoes, then we can send them back to you, and we charge you for the shoes and freight (typical 2 x $10 = typically $20).
C) If you do not send the shoes back promptly, then you will be charged for the shoes plus the freight. If you have any delays in returning the shoes shoes then please keep us informed.

Important conditions apply;

We will charge all freight expenses to you, whether you buy or not.
You may decide whether you want the shoes or not.
If you do not want to keep the shoes then they must be returned promptly, and in undamaged condition, and you will not be charged for the shoe.
We will charge you for a returned shoe if the soles are damaged, or if the shoe is not in shop displayable or sellable condition in our judgement.
We can send you back any damaged shoes that you have been charged for, if you agree to be charged the additional freight within a prompt time of being informed.
To avoid damaging the soles of shoes, we advise that you try them out on carpet or other soft non-abrasive surfaces. Any scratches on the soles is considered to be damage, especially if they are leather soles.

Freight, Couriers and Delivery;

Cost of freight is typically $10 to just about anywhere in New Zealand, for each pair of shoes.
Cost of return freight is dependant on how you choose to freight the returned shoes. We will soon be arranging a service where we can book the return freight from our end.
Shoes are typically dispatched to you in the afternoon when ordered in the morning, or the following morning when ordered in the afternoon.
Shoes typically are delivered over the night following after dispatch.
Our preferred freight courier is Fastway .

Additional Considerations

Depending on circumstances, arrangements may be made to be sent more than one pair of shoes, from which at least one purchase is certain to be made, and the remaining shoes returned promptly. A deposit may be required. For large numbers of shoes, insurance costs may apply.

If you reside in the Wellington City region, or may be visiting Wellington, then there is also the possibility of us being able to personally bring a small selection of shoes to you, depending on amount of advanced warning, distance, timing and availability of staff.

So if you think that this would suit you, then please give us a ring at the earliest possible time, even if you are not sure, to explore this possibility. Phone (04) 384 2647.

Customers Interested in this service

This service is particularly convenient for customers who;

  • live in remote areas,such as farmers and other agricultural industries, or isolated communities
  • are limited in transport or mobility,
  • like the convenience of shopping at home,
  • have little spare time to go shopping in town,
  • groups of purchasers,
  • small communities making group purchases,
  • customers who want to try the shoes on with various items in their wardrobe,
  • customers who like to take more time than a typical shop visit to mull over their next pair of shoes.

Communities that may make group purchases include ;

  • elderly rest care and retirement villages,
  • suburban and rural neighbourhood groups,
  • schools, and boarding schools,
  • gentleman’s clubs, country clubs, sports clubs,
  • tourist resorts (staff buying),
  • fashion consultants and personal valet services,
  • wedding and event wardrobes,
  • and more.