At Mark Kendall Shoes, we understand that buying shoes is not often a matter of just walking in, grabbing something and walking out.
It tends to be a decisive process of selection based on many considerations. We regard it as important, that a customer not on be comfortable in their shoes, but also comfortable with wearing them.
This process takes time. Seldom does one wake up in the morning with the thought “right! I need a new pair of shoes today”. More often than not, a matured shoe wearer will appreciate the need for shoes in the future, and will know that these decisions are best not rushed. So the “shopping” style is to keep an eye on what’s out there, and look for something that is “just right”.
Quality footwear affords plenty of time to look for the next pair.
This also applies to younger man who is considering expanding his foot locker.

Mark Kendall Shoes is keen to be visited both on-line and in-shop by all people considering their next shoe purchase whether it is of immediate need or long term mullings.
Please view our online catalogue and bookmark us for you next visit, and by all means pop in to the shop for a good look around, and try some of your favourites on for size.