Latest Shoes – Spring Summer 2017

Our Spring/Summer  imports have arrived for 2017/2018.
The brands include :

  • Galizio Torresi
  • Mercanti Fiorentini
  • Ecco

I would encourage you to make the time to pop in to the shop
and view these new styles.
We look forward to seeing you.

Yours sincerely,
Ewart McMillan

Galizio Torresi latest arrivals of men’s footwear

Ewart introduces some recent shoes from Galizio Torresi of Italy, along with one or two old favourites.
We are expecting, very shortly, the arrival of our latest shipment of Galizio Torresi footwear, direct from the factory in Italy.

Mercanti Florentini : All quality leather, Italian made, Interlaced shoes and Slip-ons.

These are genuine interlaced shoes and are all leather lined. The interlacing makes the shoes exceptionally comfortable as they conformably mould around the foot and also have better breathability.

The shoes come in Tan as both lace-up and slip-on, as well as a smart Black lace-up. The range also includes a very stylish interlace Tan brogue.

Mercanti Florentini : Hi-top brogue model boots come in Black and also in Tan. The Tan boots have welted soles, which mean that the soles and uppers are stitched together by means of a narrow strip of leather called a welt.

The Benefits of Leather soled shoes are that they are comfortable and they don’t get hot because they breathe.


Ecco Shoes and Boots: The mother country of this footwear is Denmark. The soles are made from Polyurethane and are light and, in our experience, very durable and also comfortable for walking. It is because of these features that make the shoes ideally suited for business wear. We are pleased to announce that some of the casual styles of these Ecco shoes and boots have just recently arrived into our store.

Ecco woodgrain boot

 Ewart demonstrates the Ecco woodgrain finished boot, with it’s “V” slot at the back of the heal.

Ecco slip-on shoes

 Ewart introduces an Ecco slip-on, and it’s inner sole.

Below  are some of our Featured Footwear