How to Care for Leather Shoes

Leather and Polish

All our shoes are made of leather and since there is now no animal inside the leather skin to feed the leather, you have now to feed the leather from outside. We recommend a good quality coloured cream that contains lanolin, because lanolin conditions the leather. We recommend that the cream be applied and well rubbed in with a soft cotton cloth of some sort. A soft cloth should be used, so the leather will not be scratched and a high shine will be produced.

Wren's Shoe Polish at Mark Kendall Shoes
Wren’s Shoe Polish at Mark Kendall Shoes

Lanolin is the oily extract from sheep’s wool, which helps keep the sheep’s fleece waterproof, and is not irritating to their skin.
Many shoe polishes are made from petroleum extracts which are not naturally near live animal skin, and though they provide a polishing effect, are not so conducive to good leather (skin) condition.

Some polishes dry the leather, so the leather looses its elasticity, and becomes brittle, and then cracks, and splits open. This not only looks bad, but makes the shoe weak, and water can get in. Please avoid using such polishes at all costs.

Leather Soles

The Benefits and Care of Leather soled shoes: Leather soled shoes are comfortable and they don’t get hot because they breathe. However, they need to be protected against the water because leather is a fibrous material and will soak up the water before it is properly worn in; this is not easily achieved in our weather conditions. We advise therefore, that as soon as leather soles have flexed to the walk of the foot they should have good quality rubber over-soles neatly attached by a properly qualified shoe repairer. This will prevent water soaking into the leather but at the same time not hinder their ability to breathe.

How to Polish shoes with Wren’s Shoe Cream and tips on shoe care

 Ewart gives instructions and demonstrates the practical method of how to polish a shoe. Mark Kendall Shoes recommends the use of Wren’s shoe cream, instead of polish. This is because the ingredients contained in the cream soak in to the leather, and nourish it. A cloth and a few minutes is all that is needed.
  Tips are also provided on how to cope with wet or dirty shoes.