Chinese Customers

Greetings to our Customers in China and Asia.

We thank you for your interest in our products. We are pleased to have met your discerning choice of style footwear.
We are keen to hear from you about your experience of shopping with us, and how well our products have met your needs.

Mark Kendall Shoes has been selling shoes in New Zealand for decades, and only recently has become aware that some Chinese customers are asking a friend or family member to visit the shop to view and select footwear of their choice. This is less direct than face to face and actually feeling and wearing the shoe, for our customer. And we much prefer to fit the shoe in shop. But we have found that some customers are happy to have some person other than them self, buy their shoes for them.
We can see that this saves the buyer all the travel time and expense, just to come here from overseas. And we can understand how a customer with an eye for quality would search for our shop.

So, we are happy to sell shoes to your chosen person who will buy on your behalf.

We also welcome you to come in to visit the shop, if you do happen to come to New Zealand.

We can use eftpos for transactions, and can handle most Cards including Union Pay, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club.