Christmas Quake Sale 2016

Mark Kendall Shoes for men, is having a Christmas Quake Sale.

Starting on Monday 19th December 2016
Ending on Saturday 31st December 2016.

Most items in store are reduced by 10%.
Other items reduced by 5%.

These discounts do not apply to the products already on special.

Why a Christmas Quake Sale ?
Mark Kendall Shoes does not normally have a Christmas or Boxing Day sale, but this year has decided to do so,
in light of the recent November 14th earthquake that has effected Wellington. Some businesses in the Courtenay Place precinct have found themselves prevented from business as a result of the earthquake. They have been prevented with little notice and are gated out, several have not been permitted re-entry, and this has effected their their continuity.

So any business in Wellington is not only facing an uncertain future, but also is facing a future where the uncertainty includes having the business stopped without notice. So we have considered it prudent to hedge our bets while the going is good and attempt to move some stock.
We invite all our regular customers to avail yourselves of our products, and welcome any new customers that come in.

We understand that since we have been trading from the early 60s that our products are good quality and some do not need to replace their shoes more frequently than seven years. But we encourage you to hedge your bets and consider making a replacement purchase ahead of time, with the future in mind.

Mark Kendall Shoes is looking forward to a favourable economic outlook for 2017, only limited by the ability to keep its door open, pending geological events, in the hope of nothing too tectonic.

We would like to wish you all a happy Christmas, and a safe driving new year, comfortable in the company of friends and family.
Happy Birthday.