Customers at Mark Kendall Shoes for Men

This is an area of the site with information for our customers.
Please come back here from time to time, as we will be updating this occasionally.

Shopper’s List

We will be starting a “Shoppers” List that any member of the public can join.
The shoppers list will be for ;

  • latest news releases when our imported products consignments arrive,
  • notifications of sales,
  • getting some feedback, and
  • several other activities.

We do not want to generate regular and frequent email that is not so relevant.
This email is by subscription only, and is for those people that would like a bit more frequent information, than just when Our sales are.

Customer List

We have maintained a “Customers” list for years, since the days of letter by post. This list is still maintained, and many of our customers are on this list. This list is primarily for notifying our “Customer List” members of our sales and what the exclusive private offers for members of this list are.
Entry to the “Customer List” is only offered after a purchase of footwear has been made, including purchasing by layby.
Members of this list, are contacted mainly via email, and recently we have tried sms txt which seemed to work well enough. We also send letters to some but not many.
This list will be maintained for many years to come, as members of this list are our highly valued customers, a good proportion of whom have been with us for many years.

Membership of this list is offered at time of purchase, or completion of layby. If you have previously purchased from us, and wish to join the Customer List, then please contact us to make a retrospective subscription. You may phone or send an email.

Suggestion Box

We have a suggestion box, and we invite all manner of feedback from customers, members of the public, and anybody else who has a contribution to make. We can not undertake to do all things requested, but we can consider them. They are all gratefully received.

Customers Nationwide

We have customers that extend the length of New Zealand, from Invercargill to Kaitaia, cities towns & countryside. Some of our customers have told us that they tell others about us as often as the topic of men’s shoes arises in conversation. We greatly appreciate this, and consider that there is no better form of promotion than the personal recommendation.
So we thank all our customers who speak well of us. And we also thank those who speak well of us, even though they are not customers, having visited our shop and seen our products and service.

International Customers

Our International Customers, living overseas, traveling overseas, visiting New Zealand, or Kiwi on their overseas experience, are all welcome to visit the shop and website. We are very please to have your custom, and trust that you are enjoying our product and service. We would like to hear any suggestions or requests you have to make.

Thank you all.