Dress Professional with Mark Kendall Shoes for Men

Mark Kendall shoes has a select range of men’s footwear to compliment customers’ requirements for their professional dress, in colour and style to suit your attire, aiming for a comfortable fit and high level of presentation.

You may come as you are, or you may come as you’ll be when you’re wearing them. We can help you to match a pair of shoes to your wardrobe, as well as your feet.

You may have orthotic shoe inserts, and other physio considerations. We can help select and adjust a shoe to meet your requirements.

Buying a Suit

When purchasing a suit, the time is right for considering footwear to match. The shoes should compliment the suit to present a balanced appearance. Having made all the choices for the suit, it is disappointing to have shoes that look like a late add-on. Please feel free to come in and have a look at our selection of shoes, and discuss prospective choices to match a suit that you are considering buying, or have made bespoke.

A tip from Ewart ;

We work with a number of associated businesses to coordinate an outfit to suit. In getting the best result, there is something we have observed, and that is that “A cheap or poor choice of footwear that does not compliment the suit can make an expensive tailored suit look less appealing. Yet good quality footwear, sets off a well chosen suit, and can improve the appearance of an average suite.”

Come to Town

Mark Kendall Shoes has customers call in from distant parts of New Zealand, when they come to town. So if you live in any main centres such as Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, or Christchurch, then do have a look at our selection of footwear on our website, and be prepared to visit us when you next come Wellington. We also have our “Appro” service if you can not get to Wellington soon enough.