Mark Kendal Shoes for Men, at Opera House east, opposite Te Aro Park, Wellington CBD.

Mark Kendal Shoes for Men, at Opera House east, opposite Te Aro Park, Wellington CBD. We are in the ground floor east wing of the Opera House, to the right in the photo. Our entrance is beside the large iron gate to the access way beside the Opera House.

How to Get to Mark Kendall Shoes

This information is provided to assist you in finding your way to Mark Kendall Shoes, by car and on foot, and convenient locations to park your car, or catch a bus.

We want you to not only enjoy your visit at the shop, but enjoy the entire outing experience.

Thank You for coming to see us.

General Setting

Mark Kendall shoes at 117a Manners St, is located opposite Te Aro Park (previously known as Pigeon Park), with nearby car parks, cafes, bars, public amenities, bus stops, theatre, hotels and shops. It is on the right hand side of the Opera House; east, towards Taranaki St.

Arrival by Taxi or Car drop-off

It is possible to get out of a car in the Hope Gibbons car park entering from Taranaki St. Car Parks are also available on Dixon Street just across Te Aro Park from the shop, which are very close, just across Te Aro Park.

Car Parks on street and buildings

For motorists, there is the James Smiths Car Park building (currently [2017] unavailable due to refurbishments after recent earthquakes) behind the shop, with pedestrian access through Opera House lane a few doors from  the shop, and car access at 148-152 Wakefield St from beside the Amora Hotel on Wakefield Street, opposite the Michael Fowler Center, where there is also a large outside car park. The James Smiths Car Park Building seems to be unavailable at present, because the access driveway gate are closed during the day, and have vehicle parked in front of them blocking it off.

On the same block, there are street car parks round the corner in lower Cuba Street. On the block on the opposite side of Cuba St through a walkway, is the Lombard Carpark building with car access at 28 Bond St.

Round the corner from the shop, on Taranaki St there is the Taranaki St Parking which has good rates, and is very handy to most shopping at this end of town, located in the carpark building behind the Hope Gibbons Building at 62 Taranaki St.

One block to the north, through the lane to the Amora Hotel or via Cuba Street there are the Wellington City Council’s Michael Fowler Centre Carpark and Civic Square Carpark. The Michael Fowler Centre Carpark entrance is on Wakefield Street. The Civic Square Carpark entrance is on Harris Street.

If you are visiting the Courtenay Place area of town, then a handy parking location is the Care Park at 70 Tory Street.


Make your way to Manners Street or Dixon Street. Walk towards Te Aro Park which is at the Taranaki Street intersection with both those streets.

At the park, you will see a large Pohutukawa Tree. Mark Kendall Shoes is on the other side of Manners Street, just to the right of the main Opera House.

If you can’t find us, then try standing in the park to get the view of the photo at the top of this page, to know where to head to.

Soon to show on this page is the street level views of approaching by car and on foot.

Bus Stops

There are bus stops on Manners street near Cuba Street, Courtenay Place, and on Taranaki Street.

The bus timetables have all changed recently, so our previous information is out of date.

The previous bus timetable information can be seen here.

There are routes that pass along Manners Street and Courtenay place.

There are routes that pass along Manners Street and Taranaki Street.

There is a popular bus stop at the corner of “Manners Street at Cuba Street (Burger King)“.

When you get off at that bus stop , we are about 200 meters towards Courtenay place opposite Te Aro Park.