Join Our Customer Base

If you are not on our customer list, and you have previously purchased footwear from us, then you may like to join up.
Just send us an email, send an Enquiry from the website, or Phone (04) 384 2647, or FreePhone 0800 627 553 , to let us know your ;

Email address
Mobile number (for txt messaging)
Post Code
and other contact details you would like us to know.

You can also let us know what sort of shoes you like to buy or are interested in.

We do not send out frequent email newsletters, but we do keep in touch with our customers from time to time.

Remember to save our web site in your bookmarks or favourites, and tell your friends and work colleagues about it. It should show up on Google.
Even better, bring your friends and work colleagues in to introduce them to the shop and have a look around.

On the other hand, let somebody who you are not quite so fond of, know about the shop, or send them here.
Let us attempt to put a smile on their face. You may not want to be in their shoes, but at least we can work on making it more pleasant for them to be in their shoes.
Then who knows, you may like the outcome, and they may thank you for the helpful information.