Men’s Shoes & Shopping Decisions

Mark Kendall Shoes is a shoe shop in Wellington, specialising exclusively in men’s shoes and footwear.

Many young men have not heard of Mark Kendall Shoes, and we would like the message to get through to young men.

Mark Kendall Shoes is one of New Zealand’s best kept shoe secrets. For the secret to be well kept, it takes people to get to know the secret. So please have a look around the website and products, and pop in to the shop.

The sooner a young man begins to wear good quality shoes, the sooner he will realise the benefits of good quality footwear. Whether looking for shoes to match a first suit of your career or for a wedding, or just casual, come in and have a look around.

Shopping for Men’s Shoes and Footwear

You may have noticed the time and effort you spend when looking for your next pair of shoes. The more frequently your shoes need replacing, the more often you have to go shopping, and make all those decisions again. If you have shoes that last longer, then you do not need to go shopping so often. Or what is more enjoyable, you can afford to shop for shoes without the feeling that you will have to make a quick decision. You can avoid the need for a quick decision because you need the footwear soon, or worse, now.

Many of our customers pop in to the shop when they are in town, or just passing by. They can see what we have, and take their time. Some even get round to buying ahead of their future needs, when they see something they like now. They may have been waiting for some similar model to appear, or re-appear.

And that reminds us. There are some models in a few brands that turn out to be old favourites with our customers. Sometimes we may be able to supply a brand new pair, after the old pair have worn out. But this is not always able to be done. We will try to help you find a suitable replacement pair of shoes, and can often recommend a similar model.

Suggestions for extended life of Men’s shoes

What we can suggest, is that if you have found that a particular model of shoe is just what you like, and you think you may want it again, then consider seeking a new pair now. It is worth considering this, rather than waiting until the present pair need replacing. This will improve the chances of getting the same or similar model, even by the same brand of manufacturer. If you discover soon after making a purchase, that the shoes are just what you were looking for, and that you will eventually want a replacement, then you might like to consider buying the second pair soon afterwards, because this will allow the shoes to be worn alternately. Wearing shoes alternately allows shoes to  breathe, dry out, and generally recover, and can increase their lifetime. This can of course be done with different models of shoes, having more than one set. But if the alternate sets of shoes are the same model, then they wear out at a very similar rate. So if one shoe gets irreparably damaged, then you are still left with a good set, and have a spare shoe for the other foot, which may come in handy. Having two pairs doesn’t provide additional insurance against the first shoe failure. But it does mean that you then have a 50 percent chance that the next shoe failure will be able to make use of the spare shoe. Additionally to that, there is increased lifespan because up until the first damage, the shoes were being alternated.

Having a second pair of the same or similar shoes also has the benefit that all the decisions and purchases of clothing to go with the first pair, do not need to be remade. This saves time, expense, and also prolongs the life of your wardrobe. Utilising this approach, means that an extended life can be expected when making clothing purchases. For example, having spent so much effort in purchasing a  coordinated suit and shoe ensemble, it makes all the more difficult trying to find a new pair of shoes to fit the place of the old shoe.