Mercanti Fiorentini Spectator Brogue Shoe

Mark Kendall Shoes is pleased to bring to their shelves Mercanti Fiorentini‘s Spectator model.

Mark Kendall Shoes has had a number of customers come in, to enquire about our Loake‘s model Sloane. We only have one pair of these left in size 6. We have tried to seek replacements, but Loakes are not continuing this style of shoe, at least for this season. So we have searched for some alternative suppliers of similar designs. Mercanti Fiorentini who are one of our regular brands, has included this Spectator style in to their present spring/summer range.  We have stocked up on these, and you can find them in our product catalog here [link to product item when it is added to the product list] not yet but as soon as we are able as they are very recent arrivals. These shoes are available in stock and can viewed now in the shop .

These “Spectator” style shoes are popular with jazz musicians, and some dancers. They also look smart for the classic snappy or dapper dresser.
The high contrast colour scheme draws the eye, and are sure to grab attention.
The detailing is intricate, with gimped brogue patterns on most seams, including at the back,side and inside.

Description of the Mercanti Fiorentini Spectator

The Spectator is a  black and white dress full brogue, wing tip toe cap, oxford ties shoe in the “spectator” or “co-respondent” style.

The workmanship is leather cement, flexible, lightweight construction soles.

The materials are calf leather.

Mercanti Fiorentini Spectator compared with the Loake Sloane

Mercanti Fiorentini Spectator compared with Loake Sloane
Mercanti Fiorentini Spectator compared with Loake Sloane

You can compare the two overlapping photos, to see that the Mercanti Fiorentini model Spectator is quite similar to the Loake model Sloane.

The main difference being that the Loake model Sloane is white around the ankle area, while the Mercanti Fiorentini model Spectator is black.

Another minor difference is that the Sloane is a heaver welted construction leather sole while Spectator is a lightweight cement construction of the sole.

We hope to have some magazine website articles that talk about how to dress to coordinate with these spectator shoes.





Famous Wearers of the spectator style shoe

Some prominent and famous people have worn this Spectator style of shoe. Al Capone, Prince of Wales, President Truman, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Michael Jackson (both famous dancers) , Louis Armstrong all wore Spectator shoes.

If you are a Jazz group that is keen to kit yourselves out with these shoes, then please get in touch to arrange a group deal.

You are welcome to pop in to the shop to have a look and try these on, but, please, leave your violin cases at home.

We have stocked these in response to customer interest. If you are interested in variations of these, such as the canvas and ventilated styles then please let us know, and we can either get them on special order individually, or stock them if they are popular.