Museum – History, Memorabilia & Artifacts

Mark Kendall Shoes has been trading in the central business district of Wellington,New Zealand’s capital city since 1962.

It has been part of Wellington’s history in it’s own distinct way. We intend to show you a collection of stories and images of artifacts going back over the years, in our own little online museum.

1) A photograph by Athol McCredie of the front window exhibits of Mark Kendall Shoes entitled “Object: ’Mark Kendall’ shoe shop, Manners Street, Wellington, 1985“, is held by the Collections at Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand in Wellington City. Athol McCredie is also the photograph curator at Te Papa Museum.

We hope to eventually get rights to display an image of the photo here.

Soon to come features include ;

2) Some old shop tools and equipment

3) Some old shop papers, invoices, posters, price tags, photos, etc

4) If you have any old photos that include or feature Mark Kendall Shoes that you would like to share, then please contact us.

5) If you still have an old pair of shoes that you bought many years back from Mark Kendall Shoes, then we would be very happy to have their story told here, and any pictures would be nice. What events did these shoes experience? What has been the life of the shoes? Have they been loved more than once? What is their history? Have they come back in fashion, or did they never loose their fashionability. What are they being used now, in the years where they may be retired and put out to pasture? Have you got any collectable shoes stored in the cupboard in pristine condition?