New Year back to school, university & work shoes

New Year 2019

The beginning of the new year is a time for making decisions about shoes for the coming year.

Some men may have already experienced the need for shoes to use over the summer holiday period and any vacations away. For many men, the return from the break to the new activities for the forthcoming year may require some additions to the wardrobe.

Making a new start at school, university and work

Sons are starting or returning to Intermediate and Secondary School. Young men are getting ready to study at University. Adult men are heading to work, some to new jobs. All of these will be checking that their footwear will meet their requirements.

Important Life Events

Customer shoe fitting personal service at Mark Kendall Shoes in Wellington city, New Zealand.
Personal fitting service for customers at Mark Kendall Shoes in Wellington city.

There may be additional events taking place in men’s lives at this time, including Social events, and formal occasions related to their new situation in life. Summer is a time for weddings and some men will be getting shoes for the first of their friend’s weddings over the coming years. Young men embarking on their careers in the first posting out of training or university will be wanting to set the standard for their dress presentation. Adult men may be reviewing their trusty footwear, to consider whether it is time for an additional trusty pair for their shoe closet.

Mothers and Sons

Truth be told, though the men may be starting to think about new shoes at this time, the women in their lives may have been thinking about their footwear since long ago. In the case of mothers thinking about their son’s school shoes for secondary school, they may be the only ones with any serious concern. For sons, it is often the case that summer takes a priority over footwear for the next school term. But though they have not spent much time looking for a new pair of shoes, somehow when you take them out to get a a pair, they have a good idea of what they do not want.

Mark Kendall Shoes enjoys being of assistance to both mothers and their sons when searching for shoes for the new year at school, by finding the shoe that meets the needs of both of them and the school. But most importantly, a shoe that the sons will want to wear, almost every day.

Mark Kendall Shoes has a range of footwear to meet the needs of most men when making these important decisions.

Finding and Selecting Shoes

A selection of school shoes from Mark Kendall Shoes in Wellington. More shoes in a broad range are available.
A selection of school shoes from Mark Kendall Shoes in Wellington. More shoes in a broad range are available.

A few good brand recommendations to start with are Rieker and Ecco shoes, because customers have historically bought these as school shoes. Particular models such as Rieker B0810, Rieker B0812 and Ecco Helsinki both plain and stitched or Ecco Helsinki tram-track (bicycle toe). We have from size 40 to 47 i.e. 7 to 12, in all models.

We also have slip-on versions for men who prefer these for comfort, see Rieker B0812 slip-on, and Ecco Helsinki slip-on.

Those are the main stay regular school shoes, and we have a wider selection of footwear to cater for more broader range of diverse tastes.

So have a look at our full online range of products, and choose some items of interest. You can use the product price filter, and sort the select by the order of price.

Then come in to the shop to view and try some of them on.

If you are unable to come in to the shop, then you can always make an enquiry using our enquiry button at the top of each page, and the side of each product.

Additional Information

If you have other men in the household, then please do invite them to view our website, and bookmark us for when they next want to shop for shoes.

If you live in the countryside, or anywhere outside of Wellington, then you may be interested in our “Appro” purchase system.