Online Purchase Policy

Purchasing transactions are mostly done in shop using cards, but can also be done over the phone.
We have not yet set up an online payment system, for several main reasons;

1) We very much believe that the customer is most satisfied after trying on their shoe, and this should be done in the shop, or by Appro, or our other services, prior to any purchase decision being made. Unlike other merchandise on the internet, buying shoes direct from a picture can be a very “uncomfortable” experience. We invite customers to make a wise choice to avoid online shoe purchases.

2) We are not confident with secure online payment systems, and though the banks may be willing to cover risks, this cover may not remain in future.

3) Because the purchase process involves much “hands on” activity, having an online system is not likely to save much time or effort of the overall process.

Again, thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to seeing you in our shop, where you will be most welcome by our small team who understand that a good choice of footwear can be a lengthy process. We trust you will enjoy the personal attention you will receive when being assisted at our shop.

Ewart McMillan

Managing Director