Sheepskinz Snuggies


The Snuggies slippers and bedshoes by Sheepskinz are Very Warm & Comfortable with soft pure merino wool upper & lining. Easy to pack. Double as Bed Socks. Suede sole is strong and hard wearing for inside use.

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Uppers:  Pure Merino Wool Grey or White

Lining:  Merino Wool

Fitting:  Wide

Sole/Heel:  Suede

Sizes:  From Sm to XXL  Ordered as requested, sample only in Store


The Snuggies slipper from Sheepskinz is available in both Grey or White, they are Very Warm and Comfortable due to the pure merino wool upper and lining. The soft material makes for No Pressure On the Feet. Great to have if you are Traveling because they are easy to pack, and can be worn as Bed Socks as well. The suede sole is strong and hard wearing for inside use.

The cuff collar provides additional grip on the ankle to help avoid the slipper falling off while walking. Yet the cuff is very soft and flexible with no point of concentrated pressure, which is an added benefit for people with problems with veins, or foot swelling. The cuff helps to retain heat within.

If you prefer to wear socks or bed socks instead of slippers because they are warmer and more comfortable, then these snuggies will provide many of those advantages of socks, while also incorporating features of slippers.

Sheepskinz and Possum Pam is a Local New Zealand Company producing a wide range of New Zealand sorted materials like Possum Fur and some Wool Fleece products, they manufacture mainly slippers and are based in the South Island.


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