How to Replace Your Old Favourite Shoes ?

If you have bought a pair of shoes from us, and have grown so fond of them that you would like the same again.

Or if you have had a pair of shoes from another supplier, that are similar to what we have previously sold, that you like.

Then please ask about getting a replacement. We will prefer to know the size, and width of the shoe model that you had, in order to be more certain of the fit.

But if you do not know the size or width, and if we have something that you may like, then come in to the shop, and we will then check your fit.

It is possible to do this through the postal system for customers that live far away, but there are extra postal costs and time. If you are happy with the extra costs and time then we can work at sourcing some replacement shoes.

Some example makes and models that we have been requested to replace are ;

Make model, replaced with same model

Make model, replaced with similar more modern model

Make model, replaced with similar model from a different make.