SALE Table – clearance shoes

SALE Table at Mark Kendall Shoes for Men, Wellington, New Zealand.
Men’s shoes for Sale on the SALE Table at Mark Kendall Shoes.

SALE Table

Every so often Mark Kendall Shoes goes through the stock to find items to clear. These are displayed in the shop and some are placed on the sale table for public viewing. They can also be viewed online in the “SALE Table” directly in the Product Category. The items may be selected from older stock, or ex promotional pairs, or shop wear, etc.






Specials at Mark Kendall Shoes for Men
Specials at Mark Kendall Shoes for Men







Courtesy Gift with every pair of shoes purchased if you say you saw this on the website

Mark Kendall Shoes has never before advertised its sales on this web site. This is the first month that a sale has been promoted this way. We want to know how effective the website is at serving established customer, and beginning the relationships with new customers. Our website is presently evolving from a brochure site into a more online shop with the catalogue along with other services and features. We are refraining from taking online purchases, but never the less want to provide much of the helpful information online to assist with the prepurchase decisions.

So if you have seen these advertisements for the sale, then remember to mention it when you make a purchase at the shop, and we will give you a free tin of shoe polish and a demonstration of the first polish of your shoes courtesy of our friendly staff.