Slippers & House Shoes

Mark Kendall Shoes has a range of Slippers, Scuffs, and house shoes available.

These are a blend of warmth, comfort, quietness, flexibility, and easy care. Some have soles suitable for venturing outside, and others have soles suited to internal use. Many are fleece lined, for extra warmth, and cosy feel. Many are made in New Zealand, and we like to support our local manufacturers and designers.

These slippers are ideal for elderly people wanting to keep warm in winter, to help avoid colds and flu. The house shoes are of interest to people who Work From Home, Study, or spend a lot of time around the house.

You can see our page on Givani Slippers and Scuffs.

See our range of Slippers & Scuffs, and House Shoes .

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Celia Ruiz


Canterbury Leather

Josef Seibel


Mark Kendall Shoes - Givani Slippers -01
Mark Kendall Shoes – Givani Slippers -01
Mark Kendall Shoes - Givani Slippers -02
Mark Kendall Shoes – Givani Slippers -02


We will be updating this page over the next few weeks, as the Covid-19 Level-3 Lockdown transition progresses.

We are considering making a special discount offer to Gold Card holders, at some point.

We are considering possible discounts for other customers, but these will not be while the Goldcard discount offer is available as Goldcard permit only exclusive discounts.

The Covid19 Lockdown has prevented our local manufacturers from production, and we will be working with them to bring any withheld and latest products to market.

In the meantime the shop has limited stocks which we are keen to move, and to replenish.

Our “Appro” service is a possibility in lower Covid19 lockdown levels, but we are not presently certain about how to process the handling of stock that has been touched by customers.

We do however have no difficulties with postal and courier delivery.