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Suggestion Box

Mark Kendall Shoes invites suggestions from anyone, wishing to help in any way.

Please send us suggestions for ;

  • new products or items
  • new services
  • improvements to services
  • information helpful to the business and operations
  • opportunities to increase custom and market coverage
  • website design and features
  • customer experience and shopping processes
  • any thing or thought that you consider useful

You may have a simple one liner, or even just one word, or you may want to copy and paste an essay or report.
If you want to send attachments, after an initial approach then we may use conventional email.
Thank You very much for taking time to consider some form of improvement to Mark Kendall Shoes.

Please make your suggestion by using the form below.
You may make an anonymous approach by leaving your Name and Contact email out.
But if you do want us to get back to you, then please check that you have entered the information correctly.

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