Wellington Earthquake Experiencer’s Deal

Welcome Wellingtonians, we have had a few customers come in to the shop saying they have become disconnected from their access to their shoes, and need some shoes for work. We are pleased that we are considered a good port of call for replacement footwear, and would like to help the intrepid workers of Wellington to get back in to the swing of work, so they can comfortably provide their services to their customers.

So we are preparing to assist you, and will formally post them to this page as we finalise them. In the meantime, please pop along to the shop to have a look around and discuss your needs.

This service will be available to all who have experienced the recent earthquake in Wellington, whether working in the CBD buildings such as Deloitte Building, or living in apartments such as the Reading Cinema Apartments or Maison Cabriole apartments. It also extends to businesses and residents in other quake effected areas such as Kaikoura, who can use our Appro system of purchase, if the communications and freight can get through.