Women and “Men’s shoes”

Women considering buying shoes for men

For women who are looking for shoes for men, we invite you to treat your friend, fiancee, partner, spouse, father, son, or other men that you are fondly disposed towards, to a visit to Mark Kendall Shoes. You may just want to show him some examples of your own preferences and find something that you both like, or you may wish to purchase some shoes for him as a surprise.

For women who believe that footwear is an integral part of dressing well at important events in life, whether regular or one off, We are very keen to assist in selecting shoes in consultation with you especially if you are wanting to put together a completely coordinated outfit.

Men considering Women, when buying shoes

Mark Kendall shoes appreciates that for a man , his shoes not only make him feel well, but also reflect on his relationships. When choosing a shoe to meet your needs , We at Mark Kendall Shoes encourage you to also consider the tastes and favourings from a woman’s perspective. Close consultation with your other half is most likely to confirm a choice that both of you are very happy with.

Fashion Consultants, Aficionados and Style Meisters

If you have sisters, friends, or personal advisers that you value when it comes to opinions on style and fashion, then bring them along when you come to visit the displays at our shop. We regard our customers as not just the person who purchases the shoes, but also those people around them, all of whom we would like to be happy. We may be selling only one pair of shoes, but it’s good to make more than one person happy. We will be very happy to assist.

Tell us what you are wanting now, or what you are looking forward to for next season. We are keen to source and provide products that our customers prize.

If you have the clothes that you want to wear the shoes with, then you may like to come dressed in them, so you can be certain they meet your liking.

Women considering buying men’s shoes for them selves

We understand that some women have a preference for men’s footwear when it comes to certain styles. Not all women like to work professionally in high heels, and prefer a more practical shoe for working in.Others like men’s walking boots and casual footwear because they are comfortable, long lasting, and wear well. Some women have wider feet than usual, and want to wear something that fits and their feet feel good in, without needing to be the height in ladies fashion. Some ladies have big feet and need shoes in men’s sizes.

If you are a woman considering men’s footwear as part of your shoe collection, then pop in for a look around to familiarise yourself with our range. You may find something you like.

Arrange a Visit

Please feel most welcome to come in to visit the shop, contact us to enquire and arrange a personal appointment, or browse our range of products online to choose items of interest.